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Friday, August 2, 2013

Paula Patton Topless In 2 Guns.

"2 guns" may be an action comedy, but it is not the first place we would expect to find a lengthy topless scence. Of course, it ios pretty sure no one will be compiaining when they see an iontimate scence between Paula Patton and Denzel, where their characters DEA agents Deb and Bobby are discussing thir romantic relationship following a little roll in the hay. As Deb asks if Bobby ever loved her,Patton's breasts are out for all the world to see. "It was my idea", It was something that I had thought about for a long time". Patton told, "You know, you prepare for all these scenes ahead of time and I just though, Gosh, it does not seem realistic for somebody who has been lovers with somebody for quite a while and they have just made love and now the conversation is happening that you have a bra opr top on" It did not make just sense to me, so I though the natural thing would be not to have one on.

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