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Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Millioms Of Rupees Have Been Spent On Hired Cars During Foreign Visits Of Former Rulers

Foreign office has disclosed that 1500 cars like BMW, Mecedes, luxury vans, buses and other vehicles were hired for the outgoing president Zardari, former prime ministers Gilani and Raja Parvez Ashraf and ministers, government officers and the delegates accompanying the VVIPs during the visits of 53 countries in the last 5 year tenure of the former government. All the expenses were paid through government treasury. According to official documents president Zardari had 45 record visits of Dubai only, During these visits 290 luxury cars were hired for him including his memebers of delegation. Asif Ali Zardari stayed 200 days collectively during Dubai tours and every time cars were hired for him and for his delegation. Similarly, 763 Cedan and Mercedes cars were hired for the president, prime minister and their delegates during the visits of USA and New York. The delegates stayed 25 days during USa visits. Government officers and other authorities hired 65 cars collectively during the tours of Switzerland and stayed for 90 days in these visits. However, foreign ministry has refused to privide the details of the expenditure for the hired luxury cars during foreign trips, to the national assembly secretriate. No body knows that how expenses government treasury had to bear for hiring the most expensive and luxurous cars, because in Europe and the USA hired cars are too expensive. However, sources say the expenses would be in millions of dollars. According to the national assembly documents, president Zardari had the highest number of foreign trips and used the highest number of hired cars. During the 21 day-stay of Zardari and Gilani { twice each}, Raja Parvez Ashraf once, in Saudi Arabia in the name of Umra, hired 194 cars. President Zardari had 4 visits of Paris while Gilani visited Paris once, these 5 visits in all spreaded on 18 days for which 100 cars were hired. The former government's prime ministers, ministers, government officer and other delegates visited USA, Britain, France, Germany, China, Turkey, Dubai, Saudi Arabia, Kazkistan, Ethopia, Azerbaijan, Bahrain, Greece, Belgium, Sri Lanka and Veit Nam. All these useless tours that were for recreational, outing and picnic activities, digested millions of dollars of a poor countriy that extends bowl for begging to IMF and World Bank all the time.

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