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Thursday, August 8, 2013

Al-Qaeda Has Developed New Liquid Explosive

The USa has said Al Qaeda has developed a liquid explosive (Bomb) that can not be detedted and it is out of the reach of the Americans. USA has no anti liquid explosive technology. American administration has admitted that they are much worried about having no answer to this new technology of Alqaeda. It is said that the ilquid explosive has been designed and developed by Alqaeda's top bomb maker commander Ibrahim Alaseeri in Yemen. According to American reports the terrorists will dip common clothes in explosive liquid and after drying the clothes will themselves work as fatal bombs. American official said that at present with the security methods available the liquid explosives can not be detected. American official termed the development of this explosive a task of high level intelligence. It means the Al qaeda has experts, technologists, engineers, commondos and every dangerous weapon that a country could have.

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