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Thursday, August 8, 2013

Maulana Fazal Rahman Threats Imran Khan Like "Sultan Rahi"

The world Maula jee used for Imran Khan do not suit a religious scholar. But Fazal Rahman acts more like politician than a Maulana. He said We hace faced dictator Musharraf and Inran Khan has no status to threat us. Maulana called Ikran Khan the agents of Jewss lobby earlier in his speech. Imran Khan replied with the threat of suing Maulana in the court. All pain in Maulana's belly is of snatching his ideal governmentKPK by PTI. Maulanacan not digest any other government in KPK . He considers it his heriditary property . Maulana why the people of KPK rejectedyour party while the people of KPK are more religious than those in other three prvinces. Maulana pleae you claim to be religious leader and working for religious government. Why do you use alanguage like other politicians. Who said " Alhamd Do lilla we were not among the sinners responsible for making Pakistan"

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