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Saturday, August 24, 2013

The Stunning Co-Incidences Between The Lives And Deaths Of Two US Presidents

Sometimes such resemblences, co-incidences and chances occure in the lives of people that the mind of human beings can not solve the enigma. These events are untra-thinking of humans. Human minds have no acess to solve such puzzles. Here comes the proof of Existence Of An Eternal Power Who Created And Controls The Universe. And It Is Almighty The Allah. Let us have a look at the lives and death events of the first president of the United Sttes Abraham Lincoln and John F Kennedy. One is stunned to look at the resemblences of important events in their lives. -- Abraham Lincoln was elected member to the congress in Eighteen Forty Six -- John F Kennedy was elected the member of congress in Nineteen Forty Six -- Abraham Lincoln was elected the president of the USA in Eighteen Sixty -- John F Kennedy was elected the president of the USA in Nineteen Sixty -- Both were in favor of civil rights. -- One child of each president died in White House when they were presidents. -- Both were shot dead on Fridays. -- Both were killed by the bullet shot in head. -- The name of the secretary of Lincoln was Kennedy. -- The name of secretary of Kennedy was Lincoln. -- The murderers of both the presidents belonged to Southern States. -- The followers of both the presidents also belonged to Southern States and named Johnson. -- The president who followed Lincoln was Andrew Johnson and was born in Eighteen Eight -- The president who followed Kennedy was London B Johnson who was born in Ninerteen Eight -- The killer of Lincoln, John Walkeze Boothe was born in Eighteen Thirty Nine -- The killer of Kennedy, Lee Harwey Oswald was born in Nineteen Thirty Nine -- The names of both the killers consisted of fifteen alphabets. -- Lincoln was shot dead in a theater namely "Ford" -- Kennedy was riding in "Lincoln" car when he was shot dead and the card was manufactured by "Ford" company. -- Lincoln was shot in a theater and his killer fled to hide in a godown. -- Kennedy's killer fired bullet from a godown and fled to hide in a theater. -- Killers of both the presidents were killed on the spot without any trial in the court. Is not these stunning facts. Audience please think and conclude how would have been these events so resembling.?

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