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Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Left Handers World Day- That Include World Prominent Personalities

Left handers, people working with left hand (leftists) world day is being celebrated today in the world to express harmony with left handers. In the world 10-12 percent people work with left hand, amonmg which number of men is higher compared to women. These people are considered creative minded, however, in some countries they are hated. During last one century many US presidents were "leftists" not in terms of policies but working or writing with left hand. The latest US president is Barrack Obama. The earlier US lefdt-hander presidents include Truman, Gerald Ford, Ronald Regan, George W Bush and Bill Clinton. The present world leaders on the list include president of Costa Rica Laura Chinchilla, prime minister of Ireland Baryan Kone, Istaeli prime minister Natanyahu, Mexican president Phillip Kaldrone, prime minister of Singapore Lee Sean Loung, prime minister of Britain David Camerone, prince William and Cuban president Fedral Castro. The old time leaders include Napolean Bonapaurt, Elexandar the Great, Julius Ceasers, Winston Churchill, and Hogo Shavez. It is said that tradition of walking on the lefty side of the road began in the era of Napolean. It is also said the lef handers are desirious of being rich. The world's richest Bill Gates is also incluided among the left handers. Other famous personalities who used to work with left hand include Aristotle, Einstein, Neil Armstrong, Neuton, Mark Twin, Kanka, Marlin Manroe, Julia Roberts, Angelina Jolie, and Charlie Chaplan. Bollywood actors include Ameetab Bachan and his son. Inb the cricket Pakistani cricket star Waseem Akram, Brayan Laura, and Gary Sobers.

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