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Thursday, August 29, 2013

Syrian Women In Refugees Camps Are Compelled To Offer Themselves For Money

Is not it shameful for the neighbouring Muslim countries particularly and for the UN and other donor agencies that they do not provide foods to the refugees in camps and the Syrian refugee women are compelled to sell themselves for money to feed their belliers. Their customers are not "Kafirs" {non-Musloms} but Saudis, Qatris and Jordanian who instead of helping them buy their bodies for "Zana" {sex}. USA is eager to occupy another Muslim country and those who are burying these homeless women may fear from the "Anger" "Ghazab" Qahar of Allah, the day May Not come that their women may be selling themselves {their live flesh} in the markets of America and Europe. The day is not far away. Only two or three Arab countries are left from the physical grip of America. This is the story of refugees camp in Jordan. How many camps may be their in other Muslim countries and this tragedies would have been repeated there. Because te refugees from Muslim countries take refuge in brother Muslim country for hope of relief and help but what is going on in these camps is awesome. The Syrian refugee women in the Jordianian camps are so scared that they can not go to toilets in the darkness, they wait till morning. Their girls are kidnapped. Jordanian boys come in the camps and harrass them. There is no security for them. What a merciful condions prevail in the camps. It is shameful on the part of the government of Syria and the oppposition, their mothers and sisters are sitting in prostitution dens.

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