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Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Altaf's Demand For Military To Restore Law And Order In Karachi: What Are Civil Governments For?

MQM's head Altaf Hussain as is sitting idle in London, so a person if injured in road accident in Karachi, he is the first to announce condemination for the killing. Now he demanded that Karachi should be handed over to Pakistan Army to restore ans maintain law and order situation in Karachi. It is rightly said that "an idle man's mind is devil's workshop". If army is to get engaged to control Karachi situation, why not the whole country be handed over to military. Because civil governments failed to run the country, in all respects. What for the parliamentarians are elected? What high claims of maintaining law and order in the country and setting the country on right path were the slogans of their electioneering. Where did go their claims? Army is deployed on the polling stations to save the lives of voters, army is deployed to check the electricity meters {as in Nawaz Sharif's one the previous regimes, army helps the people in flood hit areas, army rescues the people from inundated villages in boats, army provides food and other essential items to the effectees by helicopters, army helps people in earth quake areas and supplies blankets, tents that are sold by the civil administrations in the markets, army fights against the terrorists in North and South Waziristan, army fights against the criminals in strrets and markets and "poor" Pakistani army fights against the enemies on the eastern and western borders. Our wesren borser is as unsaved as the eastern is as, Karzai is the second enemy of Pakistan after India. Pakistan army is fighting on all the civil fronts whether India has started war on the border, civil governments have no concern that Pak army is already performing its mandatory job efficiently. What the civil governments are doing? If they are incapable of running the governments and are unable to control load shedding, target killings, terrorism, Why do not they go home and hand over the country to army. Ae the parliamentarians elected for enjoying perks and privileges , for enjoying pic nics during foreign trips and wasting milions od dollars of precious foreign exchange of the poor country. ? Areare sitting to extend bowl to IMF and World Bank for gratis. What is democracy? Where is democracy? What the so called democracy has given to the people of Pakistan? Pakistani leaders do not know the meanings of democracy, ignorant people only know how get maximum benefits out of their five year tenure in power. Hell with this sort of democracy. May Allah save my beloved Pakistan from devilsm calamaties and troubles.

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