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Monday, August 12, 2013

Nobel Peace Prize Urged For Wikileaks Soldier

A Us rights group has collected over 100,000 signatures urging Norwegian Nobel Committee to give this year's nobel Peace Prize to Bradley Manning, a US soldier convicted of leaking classified US government files touching on military policy. Recognizing Manning, the head of the Roots aCtion group said would also help repair theNobel panel's reputation after chose president Barrack Obama for the Perace Prize in 2009 only a few months into first term of his office. "There is a cloud hanging over the Nobel Peace Committee" Normon Slomon, the co-founder of the Roots action said on Monday, as he prepared to hand his 5,000 page petition to the committee. " In a sense, the Nobel Peace Prize at this point needs Bradley Manning more than Bradley Manning needs the Nobel Peace Prize- there has grown now a question about the Nobel committee's committment to human rights and peace in an even handed, independent way." Private First Class Manning was convicted earlier this month of charges that included espionage and teft for releasimng more than 700,000 battlefield videos, diplomatic cacbles and other secret documents to the anti-secrecy Website Wikileaks. He now faces 90 years in jail. Solomon argued that disclosures shortened the Us involvement in Iraq and made it more difficult for the country to engage in conflicts. Asle Toje the Norwegian Nobel Committee's Research director said," The Nobel Peace Prize is not a populsarity contest and a large number of signatures will neither help nor hinder his ( Manning's candidacy)" He further said "it willbe reviewed on its merit, based on the principles lasid out in the will of Alfred Nobel. It is not unprecedented that we receive a large volume of supporting material for a candidate- but these do not influence the committee." Manning, 25, was a low level intelligence analyst in Iraq in 2009 when he was charged with leaking files including videos of a 2007 attacked by a US Apache helicoipter gunship in Baghdad that a dizen people, two of them Reuter's News staff. The Nobel committee which also came under fire for awarding Bobel Peace prize to European Union last year, has repeatedly rejected criticism over its selecting Obama before the first black US president had acheived anything notable in office. A 2013 Nobel Peace prize will be announced on October 11. A total of 259 peope and groups were nominated by the February deadline including Manning, Pakistani SchoolgirlMalala Yousufzai, Columboian President Juan Manuel Santos, Myanmar president Thein Sean( Is he given this peace Prize for killing Muslims in his country). Hell with all the Peace Prizes. These sre based on prejudice. All these are against the will of its founder, Alfreed Nobel. US rights group Root action is more than hundertd percent right about its statement against the Nobel Peace Comiittee.

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