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Monday, August 19, 2013

A Truth By Jasmeen Manzoor About MQM Threats

Famous female journalist and anchorperson Jasmeen Jasmeen Manzoor has for the first time revealed truth about tlife hreats to her by MQM thorough her column from her hide-out. Female journalist has termed her column as a "Truth" hidden behind the silence. she has wrote in her column that her silence must not be taken as her weakness. She said," my truthfulness and views can be very judged by the 'truth searchers'. Due to this truth i had to resign after four yesrs." She said her father used to say to her do not speak too much truth because truth had no value now a days. But, she said she did not care, after 15 years of journalistic career She came to know that her father was right. She said being a journalist and an anchoerperson specially for females is too hard. Females are not treated in a good way. At present She said she was hiding. She and her family has received life threats. She said she had to face this situation after May general elections. She said NA-250 was her constituency where she accompanied by her mother went to cast vote in the afternoon, in the DHA girls college polling station. There was no polling staff and polling station looked like ghost house. One of the candidated came carrying a ballot box himself. I peeped into other rooms the polling rate was extremely low and presiding officer was absent. One of the rooms was closed from inside, Jameen wrote in her column, when she entered the room, the presiding officer was sitting to a side and MQM people were affixing stamps on the ballet papers. According to Jasmeen she said what is going on? MQM people ran to beat me and tried to tear my shirt my mother was pushed back and she fell on the ground. She said two rangers wre present at the spot but they did not come to help me, afterward two youngmen came from outside and rescued me from the grip of MQM. She said she sent video to Samaa News channel and the story was telecast as a breaking news. Jasmeen Manzoor further wrote in her column that Samaa News channel had soft corner for MQM. But she wrote, after the incident, opposite to the policy of my organization I left soft corner for MQM. Lady journalist told that she went to Saudi Arabia for Ummra when she said , she returned her house was beiseged by security officials. She said she thought some dacoity may have occurred but when she put her mobile on, she received a call from SP who said where were you, Allah had saved you, he said he was comoig and please do not move out without security. After SP's call intelligence officials came to my house and made me listen to some phone call that indicated that four targert killers were assigned the task of killing me and the murder would had to be given the act of dacoity. Jasmeen said that she was told through reports of all the secret agencies including ISI, IB, and CID, the target killers were sent by linguistic party MQM and the reports had been sent to the government. She said first of all she sent her brother to Canada and now I am in a hideout with my mother. She said she tried to contact Altaf Hussain but failed. She said she contacted Nusrat Nadeem of MQM in London who sent who sent Waseh Jalil and Saif Abbasi of MQM to my house. They denied the intelligence report. She said she did not know whom to believe. Shw said she sought the help of government but in vain rastjher was suggested to use either bullert proof vehicle, hide herself or leave Karachi. She said she talked to PM in energy conference before all the national and international media but he paid no attention to my problem just expressed his sympathy. She said she tlod her grievances to Ch Nisar Ali Khan, DG ISI but nothing of the sort of my help happened. Afte that I resigned from Samaa TV. My organizatiuon did not express erven the words of sympathy. She said she intended to write a book and will reveal the charactersless oliticians, and establishment. She has sent her column to Shaheen Sahbai of Jang group, Dr Shahid Masood, senior journalist and analyst Zahid Hussai, lady anchorperson Katrina Hussain and several others. She said in these circumstances tyhe claimants of freedom of expression and senior journalist leave the victim like her.

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