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Monday, August 12, 2013

Norway's PM Drove Taxi To Know The Opinion Of The People About His Government

The prime minister of Norway Jens Stoltenberg disclosed that one noon he drove a taxi car in the capital Oslo. He said he wanted to know the actual opinion of the people who are the actual voters, because in taxi people openly talk about government and its policies. Prime minister put on taxi driver's unifirm and glasses and in June he drove Taxi. He said he opened his identity when he was identified. His conversation with the passengers was recoreded secretly and it was pasted on Pm's facebook page. A film based on this recoding will be made and will be used during the election compaign in September. PM said that it was very necessary for him to know what the people thought about him. To know this the best place is a taxi. Most of the passengers realized that this taxi driver has something special. Many said he looked lioke prime mionister. One lady said fortunately Prime Minister met she was thinking to write a letter to PM. Prime minster did not receive the fare from any of the passenger . He was also criticised for driving the taxi. On one occasiuon he applied brake with full force taking taxi for automastic car and took brake for clutch.

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