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Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Vulgare Type Of Song And Dance Of Mahnoor Baloch With Humayun Saeed In A Song About Shahid Afridi

A vulgare type of song "Masti Mein doobi arat hai" and nearly obscene dance ( a night of drinking and enjoyment) was picturized on Mahnoor Baloch , Mathira and Humayun Saeed in film "Mein Shahid Afridi Hoon). The bar scene was shot and all the females in the dance scene were shamelessly wearing two pieces of clothes and their naked shouldrs and necks were exposed to camera intentionally for close ups. These are the activities of our actress in film industtry and showbiz. Why Taliban will not be abgry to know about these types of vulgare and obscene shots in Pakistani films. Pakistani actresses want to sdhow more than those actresses at Bollywood and Hollywood. Because their market is going down due to failure of film indistry in Pakistan. Is it an Islamic Republic of Pakistan? or some European country?

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