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Sunday, August 4, 2013

Hamayoon Jameel Appointed Deputy Managing Director Of PIA Against The Merit Policy

Nawaz Sharif appointed a matriculate pilot Hamayoon Jameeel the deputy management director admn and operations of PIA. According to sources, the pilot used to take casre of Nawaz Sharif and his family when they traveled by PIA. The post was specially created for him. As soon as Nawaz Shasrif took office as primer minister he appointed Shujaat Azeem the advisor to PIA and on his suggestion made the tobacoo factory worker Aslam Khaliq the chairman of PIA. Those employees of PIA who were dreaming of implementation of merit policy in the organisation are too upset now with these appointments. According to PIA sourcers these appointment are illegal and against the orders of Supreme Court of Pakistan The newly appointed director admn has issued first order to arrange two offices for him, oine in Karachi and other in Islamabad. He will get pay for flying plane as well as other pay as director. The PIA which is already ubnder financial pressure will crash by appointment like these. Nawaz Sharif was promising in his election compaign to follow merit in all the departments for jobs and promotions. Now, how he will appopnit army chief , chirf justice. Will these appointment be on merit? does not look so. Nawaz Sharif's decision were never right neither in his first two eras nor now.

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