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Sunday, August 18, 2013

I Have No Regret On My Act---Sikandar

The man Sikandar who created turmoil and harrassmenmt in Islamabad for five hours is imoroving physically in PIMS (hiospital) he will still be kept in ICU for a few days. According to Dr Aysha. the spokesperson of the hospital said Sikadar's intial statement has been recorded by police and the accused said he has no rgret for the his act what he did it was planned and correct. On other side his wife Kanwal has been discharged from ther hospital and shifted to women police station. She has no psychological problem, the doctor said. In her prelimonary staterment she said was not aware of husband's planing and what her husband did it was his personal act. She also accused her husband of violence on her. A specialist doctors board consisting of surgeon Dr Rakhshinda, psychiatrist Dr Rizwan Taj, anesthesiologist dr Iqbal Memon, and orthopadist Dr Ali Akhtar is treating Sikandar. While Dr Imran Sikandar incharge liver ward is supervising the team. Sikadar is psychologically normal and confident, his all other organs are working properly only one ling has been affected. His leg operation will be done later and rod will be put in his leg, he will not be able to walk fgor a longer time. He will have to be taken to police for remand on wheel chair. Dr Kjawaja from POMS said Sikandar will be given water today orally and endo-tube will remain for a week or so, His wife will be presented tomorrow for remand. His brother Nasir Hayat said this action was Sikandar's inndividual act but police is harrasing all the members of family. Police has sealeed the whole house due to one person's personal act, while other members of the family have no concern with his act..

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