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Thursday, August 8, 2013

Congress Youth Wing Group Attacked Pakistani High Commission In New Delhi

The friends of Pakistani government not the friends of Pakistani public attacked Pakistani high commission in New Delhi, India. The workers of Congress Youth Wing climbed the boundary wall and gate of the commission and chanted slogans against Pakiostan.They had beated security guard og the commission. India has bseless allegations of killing of Indian soldiers on the LoC. Though, Indian troups attack Pakistani LOC every day and kill or wound Pakistani troups. They protested against Pakistani government and urged their PM to cancell meeting with Pakistani Prime Minister. The Indian blame Pakistan if their prime minister suffers fronm cold and sneezing. They blame Pakistan even for any road accident in India. The newly elected president Mamoon Hussain was more than hundred percent right to say that majority of Indians did not recognize Pakistan. They want to vanish Pakistan from the surface of earth or want to occupy it and make Pakistanis slave as they are trsating more than 200 Muslims in India. Pakistani government is initiating dialogues whereas, India just plays drama in the form of talks. It is not serious because after two or three rounds it will end the dialogues making some excuse like attack on Indians and after a year the tallks resumption drama will be played. What one can expect from an enemy who is making disturbances and bomb blasts in Baluchistan and every nook and corner of Pakistan.

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