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Thursday, August 22, 2013

POETRY== Hayat _e_ Gumgashta (Lost Life)-- 4

Kia Yaad Tujhey Bhi Atey Hein (Do You Remember) Ek Larki Thee Ek Larka Tha (There was a girl and a boy) Tub Chup Chup Kay Woh Miltay Thay (They Used to meet secretly) Taqdees e Mohabbat Ki Qasmain woh Roz Hi Khaya Kartay Thay ( They Used To Swear Daily Of The Sanctity Of Their Love) Aur Saath Nibhanay Kay Paeman (And To Live Together For Ever) Woh Roz Hi Bandha Kartay Thay ( They Used To Promise With Each Other Daily) Ankhoon Mein Ankhein Dal Kay Woh (Looking Deeo Into The Eyes Of Each Other) Kai Khawab Suhanay Buntay Thay (they used to vow many sweet dreams) Kia Yaad Tujhay Bhi Ataey Hein Ek Larki Thee Ek Larka Tha Dr Khizar Hayat Tahir (To Be Continued)

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