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Thursday, August 15, 2013

Pakistani Fast Bowler Asif Admitted Spot Fixing Allegations

Pakistani fast bowler Muhammad Asif admitted his crime regarding spot fixing allegation in 2010. He apologized from the nation. Thirty-year-old Asif the last player admitting his fault while, other two players Salman Butt and Muhammad Amir have already admitted their crime. Asif faces five year ban on playing cricket. All the three players were banned for playing on the allegastions of having 'no ball' intentionally in the Lords cricket ground in England while playing test match against England during 2010. The anti-corruption tribunal of International Crickeyt Council had banneed Salman Butt for ten years, Asif for seven and Muhammad Amir for five years. Muhammad in a news conference said he accepted the punishment by ICC in 2010 and apologize from nation due to my this action my country my nation were defamed in the world and millions of cricket fans were dishearted. In 2011, British court had sentenced three Pakistani players along with their agent Mazhar Majeed. The Pakistani players were released last year. Asif's this submission to admit his crime came after failure in attempts of challenging the sentenced announced by ICC. His cricket career was first time got dark spot when dupe tests of his and his other team member Shoab Akhtar revealed positive results of prohibited drugs. However, Pakistani Cricket Board allowed him to play but he was banned for one year during 2008 at the occasion of Indian Premier League matches when his dupe test results were positive. He was again arrrested on Dubai airport after IPL ban for having drugs in his custody.

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