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Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Point One Million People Applied To Leave Earth And Get Settled On Mars

The current century is the era of science and technology and the world has made exampalary progress in the current century. But there are some people who are fed up, of this wworld and want to leave it. Oh! No they are not going to commit suicide but are desirous of going to Mars. OIt is has been proposed that under the MArs one project a human village will be set on Mars by 2020. For this 100,000 people have applied out of which 40 individuals will be selected. Thety will undergo eight month training. OPut of these 40 trained persons only four will be sent to Mars in 2020. These people will reach reach to Mars after seven months journey and would never come back. The mission will cost $ 6 billion. Other people will be sent in 2024 to Mars. 100,00 people have got their names registered to travel to Mars, by now.

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