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Tuesday, August 20, 2013

The Links Of Islamabad Incident Are Found In Kashmir, Abu Dhabi And Dubai-- Nisar

Interior minister Chaudhary Nisar said the Islamabad incident was not so simple as it was commonly taken. It was linked were to Punjab, Azad Kashmir, Abu Dhabi and Dubai. Proofs of involvement of foreign elements were also found. Sikandar's contacts with religious parties were also evident. Minister said that foreign security agencies could also be involved in the incidents. He said three more accused were arrested including one arrestede from control line. The incident did not take place in red zone but three km away from red zone. He brought arms hidden in children's clothes. It is not possible for security officials to check each and every vehicle entering Islamabad, especially they give way to cars carrying females and children ( it is right, me the blogger is witnessed to it). Ch Nisar said he had directed to hit the lower part of his body. There was no weapon to make him senseless. When the special staingun reached, there was no trained official to fire it.

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