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Monday, August 5, 2013

The Likely Future Super Powers Of The World

At present the USA is ruling the world as super power. Its orders are obeyed from east to west and it has the power to ruin any state and construct other. World is afraid of its friendship and scares of its enemity as well. It is said the USA treats its enemies badly and even uses its friends for its own benefits. ( Pakistan is the best example of USA 'friendship'). The time never stands alike it changes. According to experts there are other countries in the world who asre rising to be future super powers. Coming on the forefront of other super powers the only present super power USA's supermacy will be weakened and the world will get rid of its evils. Analysts say that tyhere are five such countries that can be future super powers. Their economic and human resources development, GDP, geography, natural resources, area, population and other indicators show that are capable of being future super powers. These countries are called " potential super poers" in new terminology. These countries are China, Brazil, India, Russia and European Union. These possible future super powefs and the United States collectively have 66.6 % of formal global GDP and in the world GDP have 62.6 % share. All these countries have have 1/3 area of the world while half of the world population lives in these countries. What do these potential super powers have special qualities and indicators that can make them the future super powers. Let us have a look on their potentialities. *-- Democratic Republic Of China:-

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