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Sunday, March 31, 2013

Pregnant Kim Kardashian Style

The pregnant mom-to-be is experimenting with her maternity style in a slew of silhouettes. (+)Kim Kardashian's body may be rapidly chsnging during her pregnany, but she is still holding on to her signature sense of style- and that includes her affinity for leather, while the material is quite restricting, the pregnant star loves dressing her baby bump in leather and has stepped out in variety of styles while rocking the trend. While the star still flaunts her figure in tight skirts and dreesses, it is bettr for the expecting star to cover her bump in flouncy frocks and fuller skirts. And that is what she exactly did in her most recent look in LA on Mar 28.

Chief Justice Has Taken Serious Notice Of 54 Fake Degree Holders

After reading news story in local newspaper Chief Justice of Pakistan has taken notice of 54 fake degree holder parliamentarians. Chief Judtice also noticerd that still no action was taken against the fake degree holders. Supreme court has fixed the date for hearing on April 01 of the sou moto case against the fake degrees. Chairman of Higher Education Commission and secretary of election commission have been emailed notices to appear before the court.

Serena Willaiams Won Sony Open For Sixth Time Beating Maria Sherapova

World number one Serena Willaims fought back from a set down to beat Marias Sherapova 4-6,6-3,6-0 and won the Sony Open for record sixth time as she continued her dominance over her closest rival. With the win, who struggled for her serve in the first two sets, becomes only the fourth women in Open era to win the same WTA tournment sixth times, joining Martina Navratilova, Cris Evert and Satffi Graf. "I have finally some record" Willasims said, like it is really cool, I can not seem to catch up with Margaret Court or Steffi or anything. I am really happy to have somethoing right now. So it is exciting. "Maria really played the best, i have seen her play. and I think mshe vwas moving unbelievable, and she was hitting winners everywhere, How did I end up winning when I actually was not on top of my game>'was not

Niazi Group Left Imran Khan Due To Ayla Malik

When a personality or political party gets popularity, many conspiracies are hatched against them. Rival parties try to creat conflicts with in the party through inducting their spyies. Same is being done with Imran Khan. Leading political parties see Imran Khan a great risk for their political future. So the rumours of differences between the party are being spread. The latest rumor is that Imran Khan blindly trusts Ayla Malik and follows her guyidelines and the the Niazi group does not like that to be ignored. They have left PTI as they were not given tickets. They look the support of Khan's for Ayla Malik from other point of view. Though they can not blame Khan openly as there is nothing of the sort that they aare expecting. The Niazi group includes, Inam Ullah Niazi, Saeed Ullah Niazi, Najeeb Ullah Niazi and Hafeez Ullah Niazi. They blame Imran Khan that he is favoring Ayla Malik who is running the party and issues major decisions on party affairs. They also blame that the idealogical individuals and senior members of party are quiting Khan. They want explaination as to in which status Ayla is running the party affairs. However, Inaam Ullah Niazi has announced to contest election as a independent candidate from Minanwali NA 72 constituency against Imran Khan. TYhisd is a bit unfortunate for Imran Khan as INaam Ullah Niazi has a vast base of vote bank in Mianwali. This vote bank will be divided between Imran Khan and Niazi that will benefit the third candidate from other party. Imran Khasn! you must think about that. Beaware of selfish politicians . You must listen to the reservations of your senior members. Do not trust one individual blindly. Verify each things from various angles and sources. Please Imrasn Khan! this is firts and the last chance for you to sweep the elction. You may not lose the chance . People are eying on your honesty and committment to nstion. May my Allah help you.

Saturday, March 30, 2013

Actress Meera Will Contest Election Against Imran Khan

Pakistani actress Meera who remained in the media headlines all the controvertial activities is likely to contest May 11 election for national assembly seat against head of Tehreek E Insaaf Imran Khan. She will contest election from the plateform of Justice Party, a newly formed party by lawers. Chairman of the Justice Party said that she will be issued ticket to contest ellection from NA 126. It may be pointed out that former test cricketer Sarfraz Nawaz who has recently joined MQM is also contesting election for NA 126. It was better for Meera that she would joined Musawat Party of Mussarrat Shaheen who is also contesting election from National Assembly seat of Dera Ismail Khan against Maulana Fazal Rahman. Actresses should constitute their own party or joint party with Sanam Faqeer. Nawaz Sharif did not get chasnce yet to defeat any actress.

News And Views

*-- Election Commission of Pakistan has received 1600 nomination papers til today. There are 49 candidates to contest against two national assembly seats, Imran Khan submitted papers for Mianwali, Musharraf for Chitral and Karachi, and Khurshid Shah submitted noimination for Sukkur seat today. Actress Meera is candidate for reserve seat. But whose party she is going to joion? No head of the party is confident to succeeed from a seat therefore all the party heads are contesting on more than one seat. *-- Talaat Hussain Anchor person of Aaj TV has declined to the offer of miniter for Information and Broadcasting in caretaker set up. If it is true then he is the the real journalist. Either a journalist can criticise positively on the government bpolicies or he can be the part of government to defend its policies right or wrong as the ministers have been doing in every goovernment. *-- Bilwal Zardari posponed his trip to Dubai to meet his father president Zardari.Xarfdari had to go to met him in Dubai. It seems the young Zardai will leasd the PPP on right path, if he does not agree with its present policies, if he is given chance. But Zardari would like to leave the PPP on his mercy. *-- Shah Zain has announced Rs 0.2 million for the advocate hurling shoe on Parvez Musharrraf. This tradition was started by an Iraqi journalist for the first time. Who threw shoe on Bush Junior in Baghdad. after that several world leaders received the same treatment. *-- Musharrraf has been denied the permission for reception gsathering in Islamabad and Rawalpindi due to security reasons. How will he address his wokers and run the election compaign. It better for him to control the parety through remote devise as Aktaf is doing. *-- Election commisdion has said if overseas Pakistanis are given the right of representation of franchise for vote, the NADRA data will be unsafe, ECP isd right as ECP website has already been cyber attacked. *-- Higher Education Commission has rejected intermediate certificate of PML(N) leader Chaudhary Nisar Khan. He who criticised other politicians for fake degrees has doubtful cerficate. He Must answer the questions of the people about his certificate..

Website Of Election Commission Of Pakistan Attacked By Hackers

Cyber attacks on website of Election Commission Of Pakistan(ECP) has been foiled but the website itself has been shut down to deliberately to avoid further attacks. Director General IT Khizar Aziz of ECP told that Asian Russian hackers launched attacks on the websites but these have been foiled, adding all the data posted on the website is saved. " Had our host server was based in PAkistan, then there couls have been immense loss", he said, adding that our host server is based in Canada which is being transferred to more secure place and data too. Azuz said that ECP website has been shutdown under a strategy to avoid furher attacks during the transition period. It may be mentioned that ECP website carries all the cruicial data with regard to upcoming election in May Election commission may be alert it would happen again, because Pakistani politicians donot want to be exposed to the public. IP adress could be wrong and hackers never use correct IP adress. It can be conspiracy of people involved in corruption, fake degrees and much more. Ther are many paid hackers in the world and politicians have no problem of money.

Pakistan-Born British Women Raped In Ben Ghazi

Vive prime minister of Libya Aad Bib Brami told that two Pakistan-born British women were raped in the second big city Ben Ghazi by unknown persons. These women were accompanying a welfare caravan to Ben Ghazi on the way back to Britain via Ghaza. Vice prime minister told a news channel that he met with the women and their condition was worst. The women were raped before their father. Four security officials have been arrsted. On other side the spokesperson of Pakistani foreign office Aezaz Ahmad Chaudhary said that foreign office is in contact with Libyan authorities.

Michael Girgenti Says He May Be The Father Of Kourtney's Son

A model named Michael Girgenti has come out and dropped a bombshell Kourtney Kardashian, Scott Disick and whole Kardashian family. He had unprotected sex with Kourtney about nine months before Mason Dash was born and he may be the child's real father. Girgenti claims he met Kourtney in April 2008 at photo shoot for 944 magazine. They then got together at least a year at his Glandale apartment and Girgenti tells the tabloid," we started kissing, making out and touching each other, my shirt was off we were fooling around on couch a little while before I took her to the bedroom." And from there I slipped Kourtney's clothes off, the 26-year old says, after which, "she helped me undress and we fell into bed". Girgenti says the sx lasted for 20-minutes and was 'great'. Nine months later on December 14, 2009, Kourtney gave birth to Mason. "I saw photos of him and beagan to wonder" Girgenti tell In Touch. "I tried to reach out Kourtney via email but, she did not respond" If Mason is my son I want to be there for him. He deserves to know who his real father is. Especially the altenative is a douche like Scott Disick.

Friday, March 29, 2013

Film In Bengali On Delhi Gang Rape Titling "Nirbhoya"

A Bengali film-maker inspired by the December protests over gang rape of a 23-year old trainee psychotherapist in New Delhi is hoping his film will help change people's mind-set. "What I want to say through my film is that anti-rape laws or street protests can not stop a social menace." said Milan Bhowmik. "It is also about the conscious of people which needs to be changed" He told in an interview. Five men a teenager were put on trial for December 16 assault in which the student was gang raped and severely beaten in a moving bus before she and a male friend were thrown out. The girl died of internal injuries in a Singapore hospital two weeks later. Mainstream Indian medias did not identify the victim, referring to her only as "Nirbhoya", a Hindi wortd meaning 'Fearless'. Thousands of people held protests and rallies for days, condemning the police for not poreventing such crimes and demanding desath penalities for the assailants. Bhowmik's film in Bengali titling "Nirbhoya" , is based on media reports of the incident and his meeting with the victim's family, although the film will have fictional charcters in West Bengal. Bhowmik said the film would have the shots of cruising bus through the streets of New Delhi and passing through several police checkpoints. The alleged ring leader the gang rape case was found dead in his prison cell earlier this month but there is no plan to feature Ram Singh's appparent suicide in the film. While the film maker is little known outside West Bengal, the cast of "Nirbhoya" includes Soumitra Chatterjee, winner of the 2008 national award for best actor. " I think my film tries to offer every question that is raised about rape", he said.

Cyber Attack Was Done From China's IP Address-- S Korea

The south Korean authorities say that cyber asttack on their banks and broadcasting networks wasa don from China IP address. The authorities say the hacker got the virus entered in the computers using china's IP address, resulting break down of six institutions. Earlier the two cyber attackes during 2009 and 2011 were done by North Korea , says South Korea. However, telecom authories say that the attackers can not be identified by theIP address as they use IP's of other countries to hide their identity. Intelligence experts say that North Korea usually uses the IP addresses of China.

North Korea Has Put Missile-Units On Stand-Bye In Response To US Stealth Flights

North Korea says it has put missilie units on stand-bye to attack US targets in response to stealth bomber flights on Korean penninsula. State news agency says leader Kim Jong-un has signed off on the order at a late-night meeting of generals. The time has come to 'settle accounts' with the US, KCNA quoted him as saying with the B-2 flights as 'ultimatun'. Pyongyang has been angered by fresh US santions and annual US-South Korean drill. Kim Yong-un, "finally signed the plan on the technical preparation of strategic rockets of KPA, ordering them to be stand-bye for fire so that they sdtrike any time'. KCNA report said. " If they make reckless provocation with huge strategic forces, the Korean People's Army (KPA) should mercilessly strike US mainland, their stronghold, their military bases in the operational theaters in the Pacific, including Hawaii and Guam and those in South Korea." the agency quoted him as saying. Another Korean News agency reported citing an unidentified military official that increasded activity had been noted on missile sites. The US which flew B-2 stealth bombers over the peninsula on Thursday as a part of ongoing military drills has said it is ready for 'any eventuality' on the peninsula. In a statement US said B-2 bombers demonstrated its ability bto provide'extended deterrence' yo its allies and conduc 'long-range' precision strikes and at will'

Lindsey Vonn Has No Romantic History With Kris Humphries

Lindsey Vonn may be dating sex addict but a new report makes it clear. She has no romantic history with Kris Humphries. Following vague rumours that claim Vonn and Humphries were once an item - or that she may even be cheating on Tiger with Kim Kardashian's ex now, an insider told. " kris did not date Lindsey, they were friends, but nothing mre"

Cyber Attack Slows Internet Globally

One of the largest ever cyber attacks is slowing global internet service and the disruption could get worse, experts said, after an organisation blocking "sapam" content became target. Spamhaus, a London and Geneva-based non-profit group which helps weed out unsilicited "spam" messages for email providers, said it had been subjet to "distributed denial of service" (DDoS), attacks on an unprecedented scale for more than a week. "Based on the reported scale of the attack, which was evaluated at 300 Gigabites per second, we can confirm that this is one of the largest DDoS opertions to date", online security firm Kaspersky Lab said in a statements. "There may be further disruption on a lager scale as the attack escalates" Spamhaus publishes blacklists used by Internet Service Providers (ISPs) to weed out spam in email traffic. The group is directly or indirectly responsible for filtering as much as 80 % of daily spam messages. "we have been under this cyber-attack attack for over a week," said chief executibve of Spamhaus." They are attacking every part of the internet infrastructure that they feel can be brought down" Perpetrators of DDoS attacks typically targets websites by flooding servers with messages from multiple system so they can not identify and respond to legitimate traffic. Because many computers were involved in the attack it was difficult to defend against. If you have a few computers sending large amounts of traffic, you can filter them out easily. When litrally thousand and thousand computers are involved it make it much , much harder, he told. He added that it was possible people may find some sites or services slower thamn usual they access to on internet.

Malala Will Write Autobiography In Britain

Malala Yousuf Zai who was wounded in Taliban attack in Swat, Pakistan has decided to write her autobiography in Britain for which she will be paid $ one million. It is hoped that her autobiography will be puiblished by the end of this year. The name of the book will be "I am Malala". She will give details of attack on her on the way to school. She said the book wil be the story of the right of every child to get education. She said she hoped this book will reach in hands of every person and they would know how much it was difficult for some children to get education. The book will be the part of her compaighn that she started for the right of education for every boy and girl, she said. It will be the story of those 60 million children who could not go to school. The publisher of the book Widen Field and Nickolson said they will market this book in the USA and Commonwealth countries during this year. The distribution rights of 15-year Malala's biograohy in the USA and the world are with Little Brown and Co. Malala has started going to school in Britasin after surgery and recovery in Britain.

Thursday, March 28, 2013

Is Kim's Pregnancy Fake?

In the latest issue of In Touch Weekly, Michael Girganti claims he slept with Kourtney Kardashian about nine months before her son was born and he therefore may be the father of Mason Dash Disick. However, this is not the crasiest Kim related tabloid story of the day. The National Enquirer screams on its latest cover that Kim Kardashian is faking her pregnancy because "her baby bump changes size and position as she travels around the country." Why would Kim Kardashian conduct such a hoax? For Cash, of course. As the newspaper alleges," A source close to Kim believes the star migh have hatched a sensational scheme with her money-hungry manager Kris Jenner to fake her pregnancy while secretely having a surrogate mom carry a baby for her and her lover Kanye West. Then asks the newspaper:- " How convenient is it that Kim got pregnant just as she was makig a mad push to wrap up her omgoing divorce from Kris Humhpries.?" and also "And it also would be an insane coincidence that Kim just so happened to get pregnant soon after she learned the girlfriend of her ex-boyfriend Reggie Bush- Lilit Avagaen is pregnant."

Former Parliamentarians Are Defaulters Of Telephone And Internet Bills

Election commission has received the list of the names of more than 284 top former parliamentarians from PPP and PML(N) and others who did not pay telephone and internet bills. They are defaulters of PKR 10.2140 million. Among them include former prime minister Raja Parvez Ashraf, Chaudhry Ahmad Mukhtar, Ch Nisar, Parvez Ilahi, Fafeez Sheikh, Rahman malik, Faisal Karim Kundi, Asfand Yar Wali, Fahmida Mirza, Jamshed Dasti, Maulana Fazal Rahman,Mir Hazar Khan Bajarani, Khush Bakht Shujaat, Nadeem Afzal Chan, Firdaus Ashiq Awan, Farooq Sattar, Raza Rabbani, Manzoor Watoo and Ch Shujaat. Among them Rahman Malik has to pay the highest dues (Rs. 195000) of PRCL while Nadeem Afzal Chan the least (Rs. 17,000). Other defaulters of telephone bills include, Ayaz Amir, Amin Faheem, Anosha Rahman, Noor Alam (the most richest parliamentarian having assets of PKR 32 billion), Abdul Qayyum Jatoi, Babar Ghauri, Ch Abdul Ghafoor, Abdul Nabi Bangash, Abdul Haseeb Khan, Imtiaz Waraich, Ayaz Khan Mado KHel, Azeem Daultana, Barjees Tahir, Chairman Senate, Deputy Chairman Senate, Tahir Hussain Mashhadi, Danial Aziz, Deevan Ashiq Hussain, Arbab Alamgir Khan, Dr Asim Hussain, Dr Tariq Fazal Ch, Dr Zile Huma, Hammer Hayat Khan Rokhari, Iftekhar Nazir, Ilyass Bilour, Iqbal M Ali Khan, Iqbal Zafar Jhagra, Maula Bakhsh Chandio, Mir Dost Muhammad Mazari, Fareed Ahmad Piracha, Hamad Amin Dada Bhai, Maulana Ata Ur Rahman, Qamar Zaman Kaira, Tahir Iqbal,Aiysha Nisar, Beelam Hasnain, Farkhinda Amjad Waraich, Mahreen Razzaq Bhutto, Mehreen Anwar Raja, Tehmina Daultana, Saima Akhtar Bhirwana, Lashkari Raisani, Khurshid Ahmad Shahm, Marvi Mamon and Khawaja Muhammad Khan Hoti. Meanwhile,more than 400 parliamentarians are defaulters of internet bills. Among them include Eng Khurram Dastgir, Farooq Sattar, Haji Ghulam Ahmad Bilour, Hamasyun Aziz Kurd, Jamal Laghari, Sardar Bahadur, Azam Swati, Ayatullah Durrani and Raza Rabbani. Ayatullah Durrani is the highest defaulter of (Rs. 72,000) while Farooq Sattar has the least amount to pay (Rs. 8903). They can be declared inillegible for elections if they do not pay the dues. Their office bills are paid by parliamentarian secretriate whikle their private bills in their rooms of net orphone are to be paid by themselves. It can be imagines what the fate of national exchequer they would have made, when they do not pay minor amount of bills from their own pocket.

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Kendall Jenner Is Unable To Gain Weight

The 17-yeasr old Kendall Jenner is aware that the criticism levelled against her is opposite from sister Kim Kardashian is hearing these days and is doing her best to pack on those pounds. "I am trying to gain weight but my body would not let it happen" Jenner tells the new issue of Harper Bazaar Arabia. "What people do not understand is that calling someone too skinny is the the same as calling someone too fat, it is not a nice feeling."

Saudi Authorities Threatens Banning 'Skype'

Encrypted massaging services like Skype, Viber and WhatsApp could be blocked in Saudi Arabia by Telecommunication Regulars, as reported. Saudi newspapers have reported that companies behind these applications have givenone week to respond. No explaination has been given as to why this demand has been made. A saudi blogger says that Saudi telecom companies may be tempted to go along with the request from the regulator, even though it will upset their customers. The exposion in social media networks has had a big impact in Saudi Arabia, which has the highest take-up of Twitter in the world.

Dr Ishrat Hussain's Daughters Are Married To Non-Muslim Americans

It has been disclosed by a national daily that the PPP nominated candiadte for caretaker prime minister and the former governor state babk Dr Ishrat Hussain's two daughters have been married to non-muislim Americans. One of his daughter marriage party was arranged in Karachi Golf club when he wasa governor state bank under Musharraf's regime. The report further revealed that his one of the son-in-laws is Jewish and his both of the daughters have American citizenship and they permanently live in the USA. His other son -in-law is the son of Vice Admiral of American Navy. Musharraf and his cabinet had also attended the marriage ceremony.

The Officer Who Loved Sassi Palijo Will Contest Election Against Her

The officer of Department of Agriculture Muhammad Ilyas who was jailed for 28 months on the accusation of loving former provincial minister Sassi Palijo will contest election her from PS 85 constituency. he said he is desirous of PML(M) ticket for election, if I am not issued the ticket I will contest election as an independent candidate. He sdaid he respects Sassi but she ignored the people of her constituency for five years. He added that Sassi rvenged on me, my sin was only that I loved her.

Bilawal Bhutto Left For London Due To Differences With Zardai On Party Issues

Bilawal Zardari has reached London, though People's Party is denying the facts of any dispute over the party issuers and saying that he left due to security risks. The spkespersons of PPP say that he will take part directly in election compign. However, Press Trust of India and other media sources say that he had conflicts with Zardari and his aunt Faryal Talpur on issueing the party tickets to candidates, policies of curbing sectarian killings and terrorism. Bilawal's stance was that PPP did nor show any solid reaction on Taliban's attacks on Malala Yousufzai, bomb blasts in Quetta and Karachi, he was also fed up of weaker rection of PPP about attack on Salala check post and on Karachi airport. Bilawal was angry about non-attention of party on youth affairs because PML-N and Imran Khan were focusing their attention on youth, that was going to benefit them in the lection. Twenty-four year Bilawal was not happy with his aunt because she refused to issue tickets to Bilawal proposed candidates. Last month Bilwal asked the then Chief Minister Qaim Ali Shah to privide jobsto 200 party workers but Faryal Talpur interrupted in this matter and the dispute between Bilawal and Faryal increased. He taslked to his father Zardari about empowering him into pasrty affairs and other matters but his fasther did not do that and said when he will complete his political training he will be handed over all the party maters to decide. Bilawal was discouraged due to the treatment of his father and aunt. Bilwal was not happy on the culling of senior and sincere party workers who gave sacrifices for the party survival during military regimes. He was angry about the corruption andlooting of national money. Some people say that the scandal of love-affair between Bilawal and a female minister was also a reason of conflicts between father and son, as the scandal was the center of nedia atention during the past few months. Bilawal will not participate in the deasth anniversary of hisgrand father Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto on April 04. Former minister Qamar Zaman said Bilawal will address the election gatherings on videos and telephone but it looks Bilawal would not. According to party leaders the PPP election cvompsaign will be run by Yousuf Gilani. But people say in the absense of Bilawal other leaders can not attract and impress the masses. Zardari can not lead the compaign dueto restriction of courts and election commission on him. According to reliable sources Bilawal was not agree on the appointments of Yousuf Raza Gilani and Raja Parvez Ashraf as prime ministers. He opposed in his private talks with his friends about constituting committees and making brifs only on the improvements of affairs of PIA, steel mills, and Railways instead of taking any practical steps. He was unhappy and felt sorrows of his many friends who left party due to party negative policies. His friends continously kept him informed abour damaging the party through emails and letters by selfish and power hungry minister and other high ranking party personnels. It looks like Bilawal as young man is quite different from his fgather may be when he gets full politician he may follow te polliciesof his father.

Is Amanda Bynes Trying To Seduce Crake?

The new set of cleavage photos she tweeted out certainly suggest she is trying - somryhing , Drake or no Drake, she is looking for attention from someone. If you missed iot, the actress bizare behaviour peaked last week when she sent out oldest celebtity Tweets in the seven year life span. "I want Drake to murder my vagina" she wrote. Bynes who is blissfully unaware of her bizarre behaviour did not mention Drizzy this time, writing only "looking pudgy and I broke my nail #GirlProblems" Pudgy was not the word that could be picked. She later added that she was "feeling so fresh today,'D tyhat is good we suppose.

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

British Colonies In The World At Present

*-- British Indian Ocean Territory:- British Indian Ocean Territory (BIOT) which is called "Chhagos" in local language is situated between Africa and Indonesia in Indian Ocean. Britain is ruling this Island since November 06, 1965, the island hass great importance from military point of veiw. Meanwhile the local people (Chagossians) were displaced from the island and Americans, British and people from other European countries got settled. The commissioner of the island is Peter Hayes who is accountable to Mark Simmonds. *-- British Virgin Island:- British Virgin Island's official name is Virgin Island. It is situated to the East of Portorico occupaid by the USA, in Carribean Sea. More than 40 smaller islands are part of it scattered around it. It has areaof 153 square kilometer.

A New Pro-Israel Ad Has Sparked A Controversy

A pro-Israel ad has sparked a controversy, not for its subject matter but for the fact that Bar Rafaeli , the nation's hottest export , takes part in it. The Israeli supermodel's latest public relation compaign sponsored her native country's Foreign Ministry did not sit well with the Israel Defence force. The reasons? Rafaeali's evasion of the compulsory militarry draft, which has become a standard coming-of-age-experience for 18-yeasr-old -Israelis. Israel's Channel 2 News first reported the contents of the letter sent by spokesman Big Gen Yoav Mordacheai to the Foreign Ministry Director. The IDF called out," The choice of a representative who did not serve in the military as an official presentor on behalf of Israel" and forgiving Bar. According to Israeli law men are required to serve three years while women are required to serve two. Rafaeli, however found construction loopholes. By marrying a family friend in 2007, she couild continue her already successful modelling careeer, which needless to say has become even more successful indeeed. When the blonde bombshell landeed a lucrative compaign with Fox in 2008, a boycott was threatened, demading that Rafaeli completer her military service.

Lollywood Actress Laila Announced To Join APML

Lollywood actress has announced to join All Pakistan Muslim League of Parvez Musharraf. This is the second actress joining his party. The first actress who joined APML was a renown Lollywood actress who Attiqa Odho afterwards she quited the party and got busy in marrying third time. Now a head of a Tanga party remains who has Musawaat Party she must join APML. She is also going to contest against Maulana Fazal Rahman in Dera Ismail Khan constituency. Parvez Msharraf will have not to search a candidate for the election on a heavy seat of DI Khan. Musrrat Shaheen has alrasdy experrience in contesting election In D I Khan constituency. She has a lot of fans in the area. Another actress from a European country also wanted to marry Parvez Musharraf. It looks like He is too popular among women folk especially among the actresses. Or actresses take him as a person of their folk. Laila also said that she will not contest election but she will be elected against women's special qouta. She has alreadyconceived for ParvezMusharraf to get enough seats to be offered wmen seats. Go ahrad Laila and be a politician of a newly born party. May be Musharraf becomes president again and you be the minister of his cabinet to work for the failed film industry of Pakistan.

A Female Officer Was Sexually Harrassed In National Assembly Secretriate

In thye last national assembly scretriate a female grade 17 officer working against a temporary job was sexually harrassed by a high ranking officer. The incident took place in an assembly secretriate whose speaker was a female and who passed a bill for strict sentence of the persons involved in sexual harrassmernt. When the event was brough to the notice of speaker national assembly she was stunned to know but due to the fear of demation of NA and the female speaker she was directed to hide the incident on ther cost of verbal assurance of permanent job. The former speaker Fehmida Mirza appointed a number of officers in national assembly from grasde 17 to grade 21. Another female officer from Baluchistan appointed in assembly secretriate on deputation had also a complaint of sexual harrassment and exploitation about keeping her sitting late at night bin the office by his boss. All this happened durting the era of former government that claims to empower the women and passing bills for their rights.

Monday, March 25, 2013

British Overseas Territories

*-- Anguilla:- According to the 1982 constitution of Anguilla, it is British colony. It is siyuated in Carribean sea or in West Indies islands. Its total area is 91 square kilometers. Ninety percent of the population is inhabited by original African generation. Hubert Hughes is the chief minister appointed by British Queen. But according to the constitution he has to get approved all his decisions by British member parliament Mark Simmonds. The defence administrsation of the island is the responsibility of the British army. Though, Britain has declared it under its guardianship since 1980, however, British settelers have occupied the island since 1950. *-- Bermuda:- Known due to its famous Bermuda Triangle in the whole world, Bermuda Island is the British colony. This mysterious island is situated in Atlantic Ocean near the northern coast of the USA. Having an area of 54 squae kilometers Bermuda is under the British Crown since 1684. The prime minister of the island is Craig Cannonier. But his all decision pertaining to political and defence affairs would have to be approved by member British parliament Mark Simmonds.In Bermuda 54 percent population is of local black people while 31 percent is thatrt od white people.

Slave States Of The Free World

The first decade of tweenty-first century has passed three years ago. The humen invented apparatuses have touched the surface of Mars, and human being has got access to thedeepest location under water, the marvellous journey of human progress continues, but there are some bitter facts that human thinking has paused on the spot of past dark age. The process of making the human beings slave has now contrated on colonizing different regions, areas and nations. Fererring to this situation there several regions where rulers themselves follow the foreign power or follow the policies of them, in their statews( Pakistan being the top most example of both of these conditions). In Pakistan rulers are the mental slaves of the USA and also follow the policies of pet institutions like World Bank and IMF in the field of economy and the orders of USA in Politics. Though in these slaves states elections are held, the rulers of these states inspite of claiming rule of law are bound to the orders of real rulers regarding the policies of economy and politics and not to compromize on these policies. Here are some of the slave and obedient states and the real rulers of these states.:- British Overseas Territories:- United Kingdom is the founder of colonialism in the world. Though at present colonialism nearly vanished, but Uk stll completely controls gegraphically and politically 15 regions. Majority of these regions comprise of islands where different nation are living having their specific cultures and social set up. The regions rued under the British patronage were called British Independent Territories before the British Oveseass Territories Act 2002. Though only three regions, Gornacy, Jersy and Isle of Main that are not the part of British government, all the government affairs including defense are the responsibility of British government. These three regions show themselves under the British Crown, symbolically.