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Sunday, March 3, 2013

Increasing World Population--A Wrong Thinking Of Risk For The Globe

It is a common but wrong thinking of the people that earth area would become beecome insufficient for inceasing population of the world. It is a wrong speculation that has taken form of a fact that world resources are becoming short as copared to inceasing world population. This concern about the population risk has been created by the idealogy of England's minister for Church Malthus who said expansion of world population is more than it is needed. Due to which the experts of environments considered human being more harmful than other creatures for earth. But the actual fact is earth is many times more accomodative than it is thought. Let us think about the total population at present of the world and the total area needed for eight billion individuals. For example we take the Japanese nation who has least population that lives on an area of 143, 000 square miles which equals to 4 trillion square feet. Every citizen of japanes is occupying 670 square feet. Similarly, if families are divided into two stureyed buildings then area gets increased many fold. In this way room can be created for the nations with higher poppulation still a lot of area will remain vacant that can be used for storing recreational places and food stores. So the earth crterated by Almighty Allah is enough for human beings for many centuries to come. However, we must keep is clean with out polluting it.

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