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Tuesday, March 19, 2013

One And A Half Hour Left To Reach To Consensus For CareTaker PM

The constituitional duration to reach to any consensus for the name of caretaker prime minister for PM Parvez Ashraf and opposition leasder Ch Nisar, is only 90 minutes then the ball will be in the court of Pasrliamentry Committee. It seems the political leders are so incapable, selfish that only think of themselves, they would never think for the interest of people. For the benefit of the nation. The lack of trust on each other will take the decision to the lection commission, because the members of committee asre also from the two political parties who could not asgree on one name for caretaker PM. How these people will decide the fate of the nation.? How do they promise with the nastion to change their fortune, to changePakistan to a new one? Bring properity and peace in the country? Why not the army and Supreme court should decide the name of caretaker PM? why these people who took nation to present worst conditions in the history in all respects? These people do not deserve the precious votes of Pakistanis.

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