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Saturday, March 30, 2013

Website Of Election Commission Of Pakistan Attacked By Hackers

Cyber attacks on website of Election Commission Of Pakistan(ECP) has been foiled but the website itself has been shut down to deliberately to avoid further attacks. Director General IT Khizar Aziz of ECP told that Asian Russian hackers launched attacks on the websites but these have been foiled, adding all the data posted on the website is saved. " Had our host server was based in PAkistan, then there couls have been immense loss", he said, adding that our host server is based in Canada which is being transferred to more secure place and data too. Azuz said that ECP website has been shutdown under a strategy to avoid furher attacks during the transition period. It may be mentioned that ECP website carries all the cruicial data with regard to upcoming election in May Election commission may be alert it would happen again, because Pakistani politicians donot want to be exposed to the public. IP adress could be wrong and hackers never use correct IP adress. It can be conspiracy of people involved in corruption, fake degrees and much more. Ther are many paid hackers in the world and politicians have no problem of money.

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