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Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Carlose Of Mexico Is The Richest Person Of The World

American Journal Forbes declared the businessman Carlose Salem of Mexico as the wealthiest person of the world for the fourth time. Carlose whose business is from telecommunication to construction work posseses $ 73 billion. Bill Gates founder of Microsoft come on No 2 having $ 67 billion of assetts. The giant investor Warren Buffet occupies fourth position instead of third last yeat and founder of Zara Fasion Emanchio Ortiga came on third position from fifth replacing Warren, due to record profit. In addition to Ortiga others who rose quickly to higher position on the Forbes list among the richest perrsons include owner of Oricle Lery Eleson whose company's shares incresed by 20 percent. On other side Luxury industry could not show better performane on Forbes list. Bernard og Loi Vatoon came on tenth position from fourth. Similarly, the 90-year owner of Noricle Lilishian remained on nineth Number with $30 million because of legal proceedings her assetts are in the name of her daughter.

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