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Tuesday, March 26, 2013

A Female Officer Was Sexually Harrassed In National Assembly Secretriate

In thye last national assembly scretriate a female grade 17 officer working against a temporary job was sexually harrassed by a high ranking officer. The incident took place in an assembly secretriate whose speaker was a female and who passed a bill for strict sentence of the persons involved in sexual harrassmernt. When the event was brough to the notice of speaker national assembly she was stunned to know but due to the fear of demation of NA and the female speaker she was directed to hide the incident on ther cost of verbal assurance of permanent job. The former speaker Fehmida Mirza appointed a number of officers in national assembly from grasde 17 to grade 21. Another female officer from Baluchistan appointed in assembly secretriate on deputation had also a complaint of sexual harrassment and exploitation about keeping her sitting late at night bin the office by his boss. All this happened durting the era of former government that claims to empower the women and passing bills for their rights.

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