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Monday, March 11, 2013

National Geographic--- Mile Stones And Acheivements---6

*-- In March 2001, a project "Megatransect" for Africa was presented with the collaboration of the society. Through the project under the supervision of environment and Anthropology (+)Michael Fay, the data was collected and organized about the wild environment diversity on an area of 2000 miles in African continent. Due to tyhis 455 day research 13 new national parks were delimited along side the river Congo. Afterwards the team cpllected the data regarding Redwood tress spreading from Madgascar and Gabon to American States California and Oregon. This important addventire continued for 333 days. *-- In April 2002, a team undrer the leadership of a Peruvian experts Willy Cook was excavating around the historical place Puruchuco in capital Lima of Peru when they discovered thousadnds of mummies. The research work was carrierd out under the Geographic Society. *-- In January 2005, National Geographic Society and Samson company jointly lauched a research under an agreement project for C T Scanning the mummies discovered in Egypt through Xrays of the bodies from different angles. This 5 -year project included a mummy of Egyptian king Tutan Khamun who died in the age of 19 years. The face of the mummy belong to 1323 BC was deteiorated during excavation which was repaired by X ray image technology and the face was presented in the exhibition held in June 2005.

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