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Thursday, March 21, 2013

Politically Appoointed High Ranking Officers Jump Into Politics

Politically apponited persons on high ranking offices during the tenure of PPP have strted resigning fron their offices and preparing to contest elections on party tickets. Among them include the managing director of Pakistan Baitul Maal, Zammurud Khan, chairman ERRA Hamid Raza Hayat Hiraj, chairperson of BaNazir Income Support Program Farzana Raja, chairman Intellectual Property Organization Abdullah Jan Afridi and Head of Evacuee Trust Board Asif Hashmi. Zammurud Khan has resigned from his office and now he is preparing to contest election from Rawalpindi constituency. Similarly, with the dissolution of the assemblies Hamid Raza Hiraj and Farzana Raja have stopped coming to offices. Though they both did not resigned yet from their offices but it is expected that they will soon resign. All these personalities have been working on profitable posts and availed all the perks and privileges including official protocol of their Grade 22 posts. It is astonishing that inspite of knowing that they can not contest election before completing two year tenure due to appointments on high ranking government posts. All of them will hasve to face the constitutuional obligations.

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