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Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Bilawal Bhutto Left For London Due To Differences With Zardai On Party Issues

Bilawal Zardari has reached London, though People's Party is denying the facts of any dispute over the party issuers and saying that he left due to security risks. The spkespersons of PPP say that he will take part directly in election compign. However, Press Trust of India and other media sources say that he had conflicts with Zardari and his aunt Faryal Talpur on issueing the party tickets to candidates, policies of curbing sectarian killings and terrorism. Bilawal's stance was that PPP did nor show any solid reaction on Taliban's attacks on Malala Yousufzai, bomb blasts in Quetta and Karachi, he was also fed up of weaker rection of PPP about attack on Salala check post and on Karachi airport. Bilawal was angry about non-attention of party on youth affairs because PML-N and Imran Khan were focusing their attention on youth, that was going to benefit them in the lection. Twenty-four year Bilawal was not happy with his aunt because she refused to issue tickets to Bilawal proposed candidates. Last month Bilwal asked the then Chief Minister Qaim Ali Shah to privide jobsto 200 party workers but Faryal Talpur interrupted in this matter and the dispute between Bilawal and Faryal increased. He taslked to his father Zardari about empowering him into pasrty affairs and other matters but his fasther did not do that and said when he will complete his political training he will be handed over all the party maters to decide. Bilawal was discouraged due to the treatment of his father and aunt. Bilwal was not happy on the culling of senior and sincere party workers who gave sacrifices for the party survival during military regimes. He was angry about the corruption andlooting of national money. Some people say that the scandal of love-affair between Bilawal and a female minister was also a reason of conflicts between father and son, as the scandal was the center of nedia atention during the past few months. Bilawal will not participate in the deasth anniversary of hisgrand father Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto on April 04. Former minister Qamar Zaman said Bilawal will address the election gatherings on videos and telephone but it looks Bilawal would not. According to party leaders the PPP election cvompsaign will be run by Yousuf Gilani. But people say in the absense of Bilawal other leaders can not attract and impress the masses. Zardari can not lead the compaign dueto restriction of courts and election commission on him. According to reliable sources Bilawal was not agree on the appointments of Yousuf Raza Gilani and Raja Parvez Ashraf as prime ministers. He opposed in his private talks with his friends about constituting committees and making brifs only on the improvements of affairs of PIA, steel mills, and Railways instead of taking any practical steps. He was unhappy and felt sorrows of his many friends who left party due to party negative policies. His friends continously kept him informed abour damaging the party through emails and letters by selfish and power hungry minister and other high ranking party personnels. It looks like Bilawal as young man is quite different from his fgather may be when he gets full politician he may follow te polliciesof his father.

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