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Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Sexual Harrassment In Indian City -British Woman Jumped From Hotel Balcony

Indian lower house has passed a bill for death sentence to rapist, but what has changed in New Delhi and other cities of India. Swiss tourist was gang-raped a few days back and now in Agra in the state of Uttar Pradesh, a British ladsy jumped from hotel balcony to save herself from being raped, by the hotel owner. Briotish woman in a statement to poice said that she had asked hotel official to awoke her up at 4 AM , but in the morning the hotel owner came to my room and offered to massage me, inspite my warning he did not leave the room. So I locked the door inside and jumped from balcony. Keepiong the worst situation of the safety of women ans specialy the tourist women. the British foreign office has issued new guidelines for the tourists to avoid travelling in the public transport late at night and lonely. She has been treated fort the injury in leg and the accused has been arrested.

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