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Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Susan Feroz--- First Rapper Of Afghanistan

During Taliban era in Afghanistan listening of music ws strictly banned what to speaking of singing openly specially by a young female singer. However, the situation is quite changed now with the result that (+)Susan Feroze is singing freely but her songs have bitter truths of the facts. She was born in Afghanistan 23 years ago but war in Afghanistan compelled her family to migrate to Iran. She passed her childhood in neighboring country Iran. Her family also lived in Pakistan as refugess for several years but their family was not treated well in Pakistan as in Iran. The bitter memories of the years passed in Pakistan and Iran are still circulating in her mind. She adopted rapper singing the means of expressing her bitter memories, thus she became the first rapper of Afghanistan. Rapping is a style of singibng specific to western music. In her first song in Persian she made the problems of Afghan refugees the core theme of her music that became very much popular in no time. Though popular her song was also also controvertial because fundanemtalists Afghani did not like the western style of music sung by a young Afghani girl. While some crticized on the verses about Iran. However, her journey of popularty had begun that she herself did not expect. "Our Neighbor" was the the title of her first song in which she narrated the problems faced by her family in Iran. She said the problems of beuracracy in Iran were so much that she was not allowed to go to school. She said treatment of common Iranis was also not fair. When she used to go to bakery to buy bread Iranians pulled her hand to make her stand in the last of the que saying this was the proper place for dirty Afghanis. Susan's family returned to Afghanistan when her father got job in Qandhar. Afterwards they shifted to Kabul, where she started singing. Among the traditional music in Afghanistan, her unique style attracted the attention of the popular Afghani singer Fareed and he helped her in teaching her new techniques of singing. Fasreed's wife (+)Wajeeha Malik also cooperated with her and soon she came in the light. Due to her fame as a singer she was also moffered acting in dramas and films and she accepted the offers to lower the financial burden on her father. In the male dominasted Afghani society she is considered rebillion of the traditions. She wears blue jeansand shirt while singing. Due her dress and liberalism her relatives boucotte her family. She also rteceivers threats throgh mobile phones. But in spite og all the difficulties her singing journey is heading forward.

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