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Tuesday, March 26, 2013

A New Pro-Israel Ad Has Sparked A Controversy

A pro-Israel ad has sparked a controversy, not for its subject matter but for the fact that Bar Rafaeli , the nation's hottest export , takes part in it. The Israeli supermodel's latest public relation compaign sponsored her native country's Foreign Ministry did not sit well with the Israel Defence force. The reasons? Rafaeali's evasion of the compulsory militarry draft, which has become a standard coming-of-age-experience for 18-yeasr-old -Israelis. Israel's Channel 2 News first reported the contents of the letter sent by spokesman Big Gen Yoav Mordacheai to the Foreign Ministry Director. The IDF called out," The choice of a representative who did not serve in the military as an official presentor on behalf of Israel" and forgiving Bar. According to Israeli law men are required to serve three years while women are required to serve two. Rafaeli, however found construction loopholes. By marrying a family friend in 2007, she couild continue her already successful modelling careeer, which needless to say has become even more successful indeeed. When the blonde bombshell landeed a lucrative compaign with Fox in 2008, a boycott was threatened, demading that Rafaeli completer her military service.

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