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Thursday, March 14, 2013

First Non-European Pope Elected In 1300 Years

Pope Francis is beginning his first day at the helm of Catholic Church, attempting to set out his vision for his papacy amid a testing scedule. He will lead cardinals in first Mass, begin appointing senior Vatican staff and may visit his predecessor Benedict. Pope Emiritus. The first Latin Ametican and Jesuit pope has received goodwill messages from around the world. But Argentine also fasces a series of tough challenges. The church has been dogged by infighting and scandals over clerical sex abuse and alleged corruption. The election of Cardinal Jorge Mario Bergoglio shocked many onlookers when it was revealed on Wednesday. Although he vrepotedly came second to Pope Benedict XVI during 2005 conclave, few had predicted the election of the first pope from outside Europe, in 1,300 years. Pope Francis will return to the Sistine Chappel on Thursdday afternoon, scene of his election, to celebrae Mass with the Cardinals. Over the weekend he will meet the world's media at a special papal audience, an opportunity perhaps to set out sme of his global vision.

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