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Friday, March 29, 2013

North Korea Has Put Missile-Units On Stand-Bye In Response To US Stealth Flights

North Korea says it has put missilie units on stand-bye to attack US targets in response to stealth bomber flights on Korean penninsula. State news agency says leader Kim Jong-un has signed off on the order at a late-night meeting of generals. The time has come to 'settle accounts' with the US, KCNA quoted him as saying with the B-2 flights as 'ultimatun'. Pyongyang has been angered by fresh US santions and annual US-South Korean drill. Kim Yong-un, "finally signed the plan on the technical preparation of strategic rockets of KPA, ordering them to be stand-bye for fire so that they sdtrike any time'. KCNA report said. " If they make reckless provocation with huge strategic forces, the Korean People's Army (KPA) should mercilessly strike US mainland, their stronghold, their military bases in the operational theaters in the Pacific, including Hawaii and Guam and those in South Korea." the agency quoted him as saying. Another Korean News agency reported citing an unidentified military official that increasded activity had been noted on missile sites. The US which flew B-2 stealth bombers over the peninsula on Thursday as a part of ongoing military drills has said it is ready for 'any eventuality' on the peninsula. In a statement US said B-2 bombers demonstrated its ability bto provide'extended deterrence' yo its allies and conduc 'long-range' precision strikes and at will'

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