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Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Kate Muddleton Sister's New Boyfriend

Pippa Middleton has been linked with several men since she first tuned heads at the 2011 Royal Wedding, but one has emerged as long-term prospect: Nico Jacksom. Her 35-year old new boyfriend was spotted kissing Pip,29, at the slopes of St Moritz, Switzeland, last week, and has already taken a family holiday with her. So, who is the man who has been accopanying Kate Middleton's sister on Alpine vslopes and Carribean Island.? Here are five things to knowe about him.:- 1. He is middle-class! Pippa has dabbled in aristocrats (George Percy, Alex Louden), but Nico Jackson hss distinctly middle-class background. 2. He has a career in finance. Jackson was educated at Harvey Grammer School Folkestone, where he played cricket, soccer and tennis. 3. He is well -equipped for ski trips. He is the son of Ulrike and Matyne Jackson, who run a sportswear firm in Folkestone, 70 miles southeast of London. 4. He and Pippa hit it off right away. The couple are believed to have met last fall, and it must be serious, as he joined the family in Mustique. 5. His family love Pippa Middleton. Jackson's mom tells the Daily Mail that "Pippa is absolutely charming- We are all just very pleased" . Sounds like a good match! Think it will last?

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