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Monday, March 18, 2013

In Developed Countries Husbands Like To Be Present In Delivery Rooms

It used to happen in older ages that father did not know when and in which medical condition his baby was born. But, now a days trend has changed and in Europe and other developed countries the trend of father's presence in the delivery room at the time of birth of baby is promoting. During 1950's decade least number of fathers used be be present in delivery rooms. Only nurses were to be present with doctors during that time in the delivery rooms. Dr Lora King says that father did not think of entering into the delivery rooms. Wives also did not like the presence of their husbands in the delivery rooms. Dr King says during nineteen twenties, thirties and forties there are so many examples that couple say they did nor see each other naked in life. Some say they have six children but never saw each other complete naked. However, the trend started changing in seveties, when husbands prefer to be present at the time of birth of baby. Dr King says that during fiftees the doctors of London University College encouraged the presence of men in the delivery rooms. Now, the time has changed and people watch programs like" One Born In Every Minute" on TV and husbands are present in delivery room with their wives and even announce the sex of the baby and cut the cords. According to the research of American Dr Robert Brad in 1962, mothers get help in relaxing when their husbands are prsent in the delivery rooms. However, an estimate says that 14 % of the fathers are not present at the birth of their babies.

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