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Sunday, March 10, 2013

Pakistani Singer Annie's Ex Husband Arrested In Dubai

The owner of controvertial airline MMA and the the Pakisrani singer Annie's ex-husband Malik Naureed has been arrrsted by Dubai police on accusation of embezzlement of billion of rupees through MMA Forex. According to a private news channel Malik Naureed Awan was arrested on Dubai airport when he arrived from Pakistan on March 03 at 6 AM, Investigation continues in AlRashid police station in Dubai. However, it is nor clear yet when he will be presentred to tyhje court. According to police Malik Naureed is accused of treachery and digesting million of rupees of the people. It was already published in a Pakistani newspaper that Malik Naureed was involverd in bogus investing agency through which hundreds of people lost their money. The news about his controvertial airline has also been published. While Annie had also accused him of similar charges and had said thast he was the mopst fraudulent person and Dubai police was searching him. She was hundred percent right. While Malik accused of his ex-wife of aborting pregnancy against his will when she was his wife then.

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