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Sunday, March 31, 2013

Niazi Group Left Imran Khan Due To Ayla Malik

When a personality or political party gets popularity, many conspiracies are hatched against them. Rival parties try to creat conflicts with in the party through inducting their spyies. Same is being done with Imran Khan. Leading political parties see Imran Khan a great risk for their political future. So the rumours of differences between the party are being spread. The latest rumor is that Imran Khan blindly trusts Ayla Malik and follows her guyidelines and the the Niazi group does not like that to be ignored. They have left PTI as they were not given tickets. They look the support of Khan's for Ayla Malik from other point of view. Though they can not blame Khan openly as there is nothing of the sort that they aare expecting. The Niazi group includes, Inam Ullah Niazi, Saeed Ullah Niazi, Najeeb Ullah Niazi and Hafeez Ullah Niazi. They blame Imran Khan that he is favoring Ayla Malik who is running the party and issues major decisions on party affairs. They also blame that the idealogical individuals and senior members of party are quiting Khan. They want explaination as to in which status Ayla is running the party affairs. However, Inaam Ullah Niazi has announced to contest election as a independent candidate from Minanwali NA 72 constituency against Imran Khan. TYhisd is a bit unfortunate for Imran Khan as INaam Ullah Niazi has a vast base of vote bank in Mianwali. This vote bank will be divided between Imran Khan and Niazi that will benefit the third candidate from other party. Imran Khasn! you must think about that. Beaware of selfish politicians . You must listen to the reservations of your senior members. Do not trust one individual blindly. Verify each things from various angles and sources. Please Imrasn Khan! this is firts and the last chance for you to sweep the elction. You may not lose the chance . People are eying on your honesty and committment to nstion. May my Allah help you.

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