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Saturday, March 30, 2013

News And Views

*-- Election Commission of Pakistan has received 1600 nomination papers til today. There are 49 candidates to contest against two national assembly seats, Imran Khan submitted papers for Mianwali, Musharraf for Chitral and Karachi, and Khurshid Shah submitted noimination for Sukkur seat today. Actress Meera is candidate for reserve seat. But whose party she is going to joion? No head of the party is confident to succeeed from a seat therefore all the party heads are contesting on more than one seat. *-- Talaat Hussain Anchor person of Aaj TV has declined to the offer of miniter for Information and Broadcasting in caretaker set up. If it is true then he is the the real journalist. Either a journalist can criticise positively on the government bpolicies or he can be the part of government to defend its policies right or wrong as the ministers have been doing in every goovernment. *-- Bilwal Zardari posponed his trip to Dubai to meet his father president Zardari.Xarfdari had to go to met him in Dubai. It seems the young Zardai will leasd the PPP on right path, if he does not agree with its present policies, if he is given chance. But Zardari would like to leave the PPP on his mercy. *-- Shah Zain has announced Rs 0.2 million for the advocate hurling shoe on Parvez Musharrraf. This tradition was started by an Iraqi journalist for the first time. Who threw shoe on Bush Junior in Baghdad. after that several world leaders received the same treatment. *-- Musharrraf has been denied the permission for reception gsathering in Islamabad and Rawalpindi due to security reasons. How will he address his wokers and run the election compaign. It better for him to control the parety through remote devise as Aktaf is doing. *-- Election commisdion has said if overseas Pakistanis are given the right of representation of franchise for vote, the NADRA data will be unsafe, ECP isd right as ECP website has already been cyber attacked. *-- Higher Education Commission has rejected intermediate certificate of PML(N) leader Chaudhary Nisar Khan. He who criticised other politicians for fake degrees has doubtful cerficate. He Must answer the questions of the people about his certificate..

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