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Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Lollywood Actress Laila Announced To Join APML

Lollywood actress has announced to join All Pakistan Muslim League of Parvez Musharraf. This is the second actress joining his party. The first actress who joined APML was a renown Lollywood actress who Attiqa Odho afterwards she quited the party and got busy in marrying third time. Now a head of a Tanga party remains who has Musawaat Party she must join APML. She is also going to contest against Maulana Fazal Rahman in Dera Ismail Khan constituency. Parvez Msharraf will have not to search a candidate for the election on a heavy seat of DI Khan. Musrrat Shaheen has alrasdy experrience in contesting election In D I Khan constituency. She has a lot of fans in the area. Another actress from a European country also wanted to marry Parvez Musharraf. It looks like He is too popular among women folk especially among the actresses. Or actresses take him as a person of their folk. Laila also said that she will not contest election but she will be elected against women's special qouta. She has alreadyconceived for ParvezMusharraf to get enough seats to be offered wmen seats. Go ahrad Laila and be a politician of a newly born party. May be Musharraf becomes president again and you be the minister of his cabinet to work for the failed film industry of Pakistan.

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