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Saturday, March 23, 2013

Universe Is Older Than Concluded In The Earlier Studies

European Space Center has prepare a map of the "Most Anicient Light" that indicates the age of universe older than estimated earlier. Scietists say that this map endoses the beginning and development of Mig Bang Model, nicely. The map was prepared by the data collected by the Telescope Plank in 15 months installed on the satellite. This data gives the microwave details of the universe (CBM). CBM is the dim light that comes from every corner of the universe. In the map blue color means cold and red color indicated warm places. While colder places were those that had less matter and aftr wards turned into galaxies. The map shows the age of the universe 13 billion and 820 millions years not 13 billion and 770 years. While matters is a bit more and black energy less than the prvious conclusions. Scietists say that the universe was extremely hot and lomited to smaller place while it got colder and expanded to a vast place.

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