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Friday, March 15, 2013

Long Live The Chief Justice Of Pakistan-- Your Verdicts Are According to The WishesOf The Public

honorable Chief Justice Iftekhar Muhammad Chaudhry! The people of Pakistan, the poor people , the common people the "Awam " as is called by traditional politicians are proud of your decision all of them are more than hundred percent correct that were given by yor goodself against the corrupt politicians. Whether it be NRO case, Memo Gate scandal, fake degrees, contempt of court, rental power case and dual citizenship cases, or any other against any former (are going to be former after few hours) member of parliament all your decisions were the voice of the heart of the people. As you noted sir, they are not willing to allow election commission to get the nomination papers in new formate printed , because all of them i.e more than 1000 parliamentarians except a few do not fit in the limits of the article 62 and 63 of thr constituition. They are passing bills quickly to extend all the perks and previleges as they had been enjoying during their tenure, to avail after the dissolution of the assemblies for ever. They have passed bill to have passes for rest houses, VIP lounges, and other facilitiers to avail. Kindly reject all the bills paased during the last hours of the assemblies. Kinly stand by the election commission as it is not as bold as Sc is. All the former parliametarians are corrupt, non-patriotic shameless looters. Thery have destroyed our beautiful country, our resources. Gave worst impression during the last five years to the outside world by their misdeeds, by luxurient lives, spending million of dollars on health facilities in the forteign countrires, useless foreign tours with families. Your decision for the new nimination papers is correct. The corrupt . illiterate people must be shunted out of the Pakistani politics. They are foreigners do not seserve to rule poor people of sweet Pakistan. Kindly extend full cooperation to the elrection commission to hold fair and transparent election. Insha Allah our courageous, patriotic army is with you for searching patriotic and honest people to rule the nation and Supreme court must be on the back of Fakhrud Din G Inrahim. These three institutions can change the country to put it on right path You will see Me Lord! how our Sweet Pakistan can touch the heights of progress and prosperity. Otherwise Yes it seems there will be no way erxcept people will demand the rule of Taliban of Afghanistan and will leave themselselves on the mercy of them. May Allah Save My Lovely Pakistan from corrupt and dishonest people.

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