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Monday, March 4, 2013

Sixty People Killed In Bangladeshi Protests

After the death sentence by Crime Court to the leader of Jamaat e Islami Dilawar Husaain in Bangladesh, bloddy and violent protests and precession erupted that took the lives of 60 people by now. While army has been called to maintain detetiorating law and order situation. The tribunal had sentenced Dilawar Hussain on the charges of committing crime in the civil war in 1971, on THursday. Information of fighting between police and protesters continues in different areas of the country. In Bogra police check post was attacked. The tribunal's decision is one-sided. At that time Bangladesh was the part of Pakistan and army had to save the country from Indian agression. All the patriotic Pakistanis fought against Indians except Mukti Bahni that was suppoerted by Indian army.

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