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Sunday, March 17, 2013

Sanitory Worker's Son Appointed As Judicial Magistrate

Where the incidents like that of Joseph colony brought shame for whole of the the country. Though this act could never be those of true Muslims the followers of Hazrat Muhammad Mustafa Ahmad Mujtaba (PBUH) who used to fotgive those people who had been throwing dirt on HIs head and throwing thorns in His Way but name taker of our Great Propohet could not do that nefarious act Never. This had been the conspiracy of those who want to damage religious hatmony. However, this incident was very regrettable. One person's (sin) mistake should not be taken for the whole community. Punjab Chief Minister is quickly compensating the damage and reconstruction of their house is going on . On other side, the son of a sanitory worker namely Labha Maseeh( Zeeshan) of Okara has been apponited juducial magistrate afte passing Public Service Examuination. His father Sardar Maseeh retired from tehsil council as sanitory worker, but his mother Fazlaan Bibni is still working as sweepress in the city. Christian community in Chritian colony is celebrating his job as magistrate with great joy. Zeeshan had been woking as a teacher after graduation and took PSC's exam and got success. His father said my son';s hard work gave him the reward.

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