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Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Six New World Records Set In Punjab Youth Festival

Youth festival held in National Hockey stadium and Punjab stadium, Pakistani boys set six new records that have been approved by the reprsentatives of Guinesse Book of World Records. First record was made in the first event to give maximum number of hockey passes in one minute and record was set to give 43 passes in a minute. Twenty players participated in this event. Those participating in this historical event included Faisal Rasheed, Hafiz Saeed ul Hassan, Hassan Obaid, Shah Rukh Tariq, Ali Raza, Muhammad Waseem Sarwar, Ali Butt, Sultan Ashraf, Owais ur Rahman, Muhammad Azfar, Atif Baig, Maloof Mustafa, Aneel Khan, Ali Murtaza. Sultan Razzaq, Muhammad Adnan Ashfaq, Imran Athar, Abbas, Amir Bashir and Mazhar. In another event during three minutes of 972.2 meter hockey drilling retaining ball for a maximum time with longest distance record was also set. Third record was set by Muhammad Rashid from Karachi to open 40 bottle lids with head in a minute. He has broken the record of 24 bottles per minute by a German. The World's largest Sequence Mosaiq record was also set by Pakistani boy by making 6.2 square metr mosaiqe of Chief Minister Punjab. Other records were also set on the eve of Youth Festival in Lahore.

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