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Thursday, March 21, 2013

Social Websites--- The Magic World Of The New Age

As the use of social websites is increasing in he world today and expected to be increae more in future indicates that decisions of the rise and fall of the nations will also be done on these websites. The financial volume of some of these famous websites have risen to billions of dollars and seems to be rise more in future. One of the reasons of the popularity of these websites is that they provide a sense of security for expressing themselves freely and without any fear. Social network means the plateform where you can sign up your account, create your profile; information about yourself from name to hobbies. From here you can exchage messages, pictures and other informastion with other people. During the last few years the popularity of social networks has increased manifold quickly. According to professor Bill George at present 300 million people use social websites daily.Prof of Howard business school said," Among these people 100 million people use LinkedIn while 200 million people contact each other on Twiter. It is said about the most favorite social wbsite Facebook of this age that if it is considered as a country then it would be the third largest country of the world regarding population.

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