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Monday, March 11, 2013

Pak-Iran Gas Pipiline Project To Be Inaugurated Today

The Pak-Iran gas pipeline project that Asif Zardari consideres most important for Pakistan that will solve the energy crisis of Pakistan had never bneen so crucial during the last five years, why it became so important suddently in the last week of outgoing government. Silimilarly, Gwadar seaport has been handed over to China currently, why it was not decided to give its administration to China before during the PPP government tenure. The pro-PPP media is highlightining these so-called acheivements of PPP. All these steps have been taken to befool the people and to spread thorns in the way of caretaker and next elected government. Because, USA will impose sanctions on Pakistan and next government will find no way except to abondone the project and pay heavy fine. Not only this present government is leaving weakest economy, load shedding of gase and electricity as well as sky rocketting prices of essential commoditiers. worst situation od law and order. Pakistani president along with Iranian president will inaugurate the Gas Pipeline today. Several head of the states will also participate in the funtion. The project envisages to link the Faris Gas Field in the south of Iran to the gas fields in Baluchistan and Sind. The project will cost $ 7.6 billion. Iran has completed its work on laying out pipe line in Iran up to the border of Pakistan, but Pakistan did not start its work on 650 km long pipeline project within its border. Under the project's agreement the country who will cause delay on its part till December 2014 will have to pay heavy fine. It is obvious new government will have to pay the fine. The troubled crop that is being sown by Zardari will be harvested by coming government. All is done to gain politiocal gains not in the interest of nation or the people. It is the motto of PPP.

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