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Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Assemblies Will Be Dissolved On March16 And Elections Will Be Held On One Day

PPP and PML(N) agreed to dissolve assemblies on one day as well to hold elections for all the four assemblies on one day. Therfore, National Assembly and all the four provincial assemblies will be dissolved on March 16. The decision about the dissolution of Sind, Baluchistan and KPK assemblies had alrady taken on one day but Shahbaz did not agree before. Now Punjab assembly will also be dissolved with other three same day. It is noteworthy that national assembly will complete its tenure on March 16, KPK assembly on March 27, Sind April 04, Baluchistan April 06 while Punjab assembly will complete its tenure on April 09 this year. All other provincial governments had agreed for dissolution on one day but Shahbaz Sharif agreed after long disscuss through representative for March 16. The Punjan assembly will invite the assembly session immediately to pass some bill. One of the Punjab minister said said assemblies should be dissolved earlier so we should go in the court of people to be elected to serve them during another tenure. Woh, services of Masses like before? Though Punjab government has a good gevernance bit as compared to federal government. People are praying for this government to go as soon as possible to have sigh of relief. But politician do not like to go one day earlier before the asemblies complete their time.

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