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Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Malala Yousufzai Has Been Noninated For Nobel Prize

This year 259 nimonations have been rteceived for Nobel prize among them included Malala from Swat (Pakistan) who was injured in Taliban attack. The secret committee that announces the Nobel awards do not disclose the names of nominees, however, those who have the right to nominate personalities can open the names. This year the name of American military personnel Bredley Menning is also included among the noiminees in addition to Malala who disclosed secret documents to Wikileaks. Fifty organizations have also been nominated for the prize. The secretary of the Nobel Committee of Norway said that this yeart names have been received from all the world that imclude several presidents and prime ministers as well as unknown personalities. People who are working for welfare og the humanity and for human rights have also been received. Last year European Uninion was awareded the prize but many people did not agree as they said the Nobel prize is given to the Union that itself is facing economic crisis. First of February was the last date for sending nominations. This year more names have been received while in 2011 241 nominations were received. According to the French news Agency AFP the director of Oslo Peace Reserch Institute has termed Malala most favorite this year. After Malala Doctor Denius of Congo who is working against sexual violence world wide is the favorite one. In addition on No 3 workjers of Russia working for human rights are also included.

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