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Wednesday, March 13, 2013

No Consnsus Could Be Reached On The Name Of Caretaker Prime Minister

Only three days are left for the dissolution of assemblies but it seems present government is neither willing to hold elections nor hand over powers to care taker government but wants to rule the country for long. President Zardari is also not not approving the amended nomination forms so that article 62 and 63 as well as the degrees and education matters may not be included in the form. For the present government corrupt, illiterate and fake degree holders are preferable to be members of assemblies than honest and highly educated people. The most incapable, most inefficient, worst in governance and the most corrupt peple have never been in Pakistan's assemblies before in the history. Even military governments except that of Yahya Khan's were far better than present one. The care taker chief ministers in Sind and Baluchistan has not been finalized yet. It means the government has lack of decision power so are opposition parties. Government is creating difficulties, hurdles and problems on every step for the care taker set up, intentionally.

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